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For more than 17 years, Leah Rae Smith has been responsible for the costuming and wardrobe of some of the most fashionable celebrity icons in the music and film industry. Through her role as a celebrated wardrobe stylist for music videos, high-profile television commercial clients, and now films, Leah has created a niche for herself with broad appeal. With a lifelong aesthetic for fashion and personal style, she began building her reputation and career to count some of the world's most well-known music video fashion icons as her clients. Her clientele are routinely introduced to new looks and pieces, seeing her re-interpret existing wardrobes and new fashions on a regular basis. Leah has become as widely known for her personal wardrobe styling as her iconic music video costume styling.


Leah’s work is cutting edge; she takes pride in fashioning her wardrobe aesthetic to each client on an individual basis and helps to develop each client's signature style.  She dedicates herself to the concept that clients are different and unique individuals, and their wardrobe styling should reflect their own tastes and style.  She firmly believes that as each client is different, their wardrobes should be different--each outfit designed as a reflection of its wearer, interpreted by Leah's fashion instincts and taste. 


Leah Rae Smith is a Southern California girl with her signature platinum blonde hair and resides in Newport Beach raising her two boys, Rowan and Dashiell.



Local 705 | Motion Picture Costumers

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